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The JavaBean Deployment Environment

The JavaBean Market

JavaBeans are the only component architecture for Java - Sun.

JavaBeans are used in most of the the Java IDEs (Visual Cafe, JBuilder, NetBeans, Visual Age).

JavaBeans are used with Java Server Pages

JavaBeans are not Enterprise JavaBeans, but share the component model of software development.

JavaBeans and the BeanBrowser

The BeanBrowser provides a platform that enables developers to put JavaBeans in front of people.

The BeanBrowser does not help developers develop beans, but it is a way to deploy them over the Internet.

JavaBeans provides the BeanBrowser with a standard that component-oriented develops can write to.

BrowserBeans may implement other interfaces such as HTMLable and XMLable that provide extended services.

A goal of the BeanBrowser is to extend the utility of JavaBeans.