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The Personal Application Server

The Application Server

Application Servers, are the middleware that run the programatic logic of the Web.

The app server sits between the web server and the database, and embodies the core logic of the web application.

The application server market is very crowded, with at least 40 providers of solutions.

Application servers tend to be expensive, and require months of highly skilled developer time, to produce a successful implementation.

The Corporate Application Server Market

BEA has WebLogic. Sun has iPlanet (Netscape + NetDynamics + Forte). IBM has Websphere. Apple has WebObjects.

They all are evolving to support the Enterprise JavaBeans specification

Enhydra is very impressive as an open source, Java/XML based server.

Enhydra has integrated with BullSoft's open source EJB server called JOnAS.

In the Linux camp there is Zope. In Micosoft camp there is MTS.

The BeanBrowser - The Personal Application Server

A personal application server (PAS) is middleware intended to address the needs of individuals.

A PAS should allow persons to build web applications to manage information, largely related to the person's communities.

Unlike the corporate application servers, PAS should be free (ideally open source), non-technical, and user-oriented.

The BeanBrowser is a component oriented PAS, enabling it's functionality to be extended by the java Developer community.

The Personal Application Server Market

Corporations do not have the incentive to create free software that empowers people to manage their own communications.

Like individuals, low budget organizations can not afford application servers or the time to implement them.

Though this market is low on the list of commercial software, it is high on the list of open source development.

There are numerous non-profits and communities that are ready to use the BeanBrowser, when the BeanBrowser is ready for them.

The current market for the BeanBrowser is specifically Java developers interested in creating virtual community. Join us.