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Plan - Development Points

Currently XML objects are passed from the client to the server via RMI. Pass XML via HTTP tunnelling.

Write a Radio Button Bean. An obvious omission.

Clean up the GUI. Create a vertical flow type layout like the HTML page version. Allow placement swapping.

Make the client run as an applet. (Been done before on JDK1.1).

Make the BeanServer run as Enterprise JavaBeans.

Implement JSP access to further integrate the BeanBrowser with the Web.

Implement decent security and permissions.

Allow inter-server communication.

Fully support the JavaBeans model (events, Infobus, BeanContext).

Email support. Sending BeanPages in email. Archiving email as BeanPages.

HTML Bean integration. Make the BeanBrowser a web browser too.

Document the BeanBrowser with screenshot tutorials and comprehensive UML modeling.

Create BeanBrowser demonstrations to convey the BeanBrowser and facilitate development.