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Status Aug 16, 2004

BeanBrowser has been updated to run with current versions of dependent software (JVM, Tomcat). Development and testing platform is now exclusively Mac OS X (10.3). JVM 1.4.2 update 1. Tomcat 5.0.27. Still need to update some included jar files (Xerces, Log4j). BeanBrowser installation is simplified - just drop in the Tomcat webapps directory. Development environment is now Eclipse. It's good to be back at it. :)

Status Jan 20, 2001

BeanBrowser continues, not without effort. Sourceforge has had flaky file servers, blew up their download, page hit and activity statistics, but we still love them for what the do well. The beta program, seems to have been a casualty of the above, but it is still there. White paper was also completed. Architecture diagram, other stuff too.

Developmentally, we have had wonderful progress. JSP work complete. XML work complete. Applets running again in preliminary form. Needs work. New RadioButtons bean. New web site. etc.

Haven't received much assistance from the open source community. Can't keep this up for ever. More time is going towards presentation and communication of what the BeanBrowser is and how people can help.

Status Oct 6, 2000

It has been a slow month and a half. I am the prime shaker here, and I was making my money in Chicago to fund this software effort, enjoying Burning Man, and struggling with Toshiba ($#*@%) to get a functioning computer.

The good news is two-fold. We made progress despite these time-holes, and we will have more time going forward.

The Login/Registrar feature was the most glaring and confusing peice of the former BeanBrowser, and has been cleaned up. Much of the code has been cleaned up and made presentable. Some prelimary JSP implementation has been done. Definitely the best BeanBrowser to date.

I still need to write the promised white paper. That and organizing a beta program will occupy much of my time in the next month. Help!

91.78% activity percentile.

Status Aug 5, 2000

Announcing the continued existence of the BeanBrowser. Just released, the latest zip (Linux & Wintel). Available here.

Have climbed to 89% on the SourceForge activity percentile. Whose counting?

Development in the last month has amounted to improved portability and standards compliance. Ported to W2K. Property files now saved in XML. Greatly simplified installation. Generated XML, HTML and content all saved in dbs directory for easy backup (and it was a slow month).

The demos are still up and running. Links available in prior BeanBrowser News here.

345 Java Files - 43.7 KSLOC - 1,232,574 bytes.

Do to requests in the interactive FAQ, I will begin work on a white paper. Conveying the vision of the BeanBrowser is the greatest challenge facing the project; a white paper, an on-line doc & tutorial, and a bug-free software application are necessities that we are closing in on. Perhaps an other demonstration is on the way.

Check out the site at


Status June 20, 2000

The BeanBrowser has been published for one month.

We have three public demos available at and one private implementation for a party of 50.

CVS is fully in use. Basic documentation available at

For what it is worth, we are at the 85th activity percentile. BeanBrowser belongs in the top 50 (methinks). Write a JavaBean. Run a server. JavaBeans, XML, RMI, JSP, EJB, good stuff.

As always, free BeanBrowser tech support from

Status June 4, 2000 now points to the SourceForge hosted BeanBrowser page.

There are now two deployed, html-accessible, demonstrations linked to from

Entire project has been submitted to CVS.

A new build has been released (

Server re-engineered to persist state via XML. Cleaned.

Sourceforge Activity percentile at 71% and climbing.

Status May 20, 2000

We are hosted on now! They provide a great service. Thanks to them.

We have at our disposal mail lists, ftp, ssh, http, cvs, etc... Still have to do CVS and get everyone on the lists.

On May 13th the project went up. We were listed on the home page for about 24 hours.

The first public demonstration of the BeanBrowser was the interactive FAQ, which seems to have functioned as intended with exception.

Status May 13, 2000

BeanBrowser SourceForge registration

Status Apr 19, 2000

Project is entering Alpha, meaning it is about of sufficient quality to be intelligible to a decent programmer.

There are examples of the BeanBrowser in use on this site, so though the technology is rough, it has reached the functional stage.

Currently I have builds, but not real version numbers. Whoever needs a decent product versioning scheme first can drive that process.

There is not a large team of people backing the BeanBrowser at present, but a stuborn and insistent core team, looking to expand.

We will be migrating the site to immenently.

Currently it is rated "For the Brave". Help us get there.